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The UTM Man-Marker Round (MMR) is the first technology specifically designed, engineered, and expertly manufactured for force-on-force reality-based training.


The UTM Man-Marker Round Enables:

  • You to train anywhere - users are no longer dependent on offsite ranges.
  • Safe, realistic Force-on-Force reality-based training.
  • Training with minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The result: Improved reliability and accuracy for Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) and increased confidence among users

UTM Man-Marker Rounds Offer:

  • 5.56mm Live Round Fail-Safe, preventing “live” rounds from being fired while the weapon is converted to UTM.
  • Realistic cyclic rates in semi-automatic and automatic weapons which match that of “live” fire.
  • Typical 9mm Accuracy: 50mm (2ins) extreme spread at 10m (11yds), dependent on caliber and weapon variant. Typical 5.56mm Accuracy: 75mm (3ins) extreme spread at 25m (32yds), dependent on caliber and weapon variant
  • Muzzle energy with an average of less than 3ft/lbs.
  • A choice of marking colors: red, white, blue, yellow, and green.
  • Minimal noise and emissions.
  • Simple clean up, UTM MMR’s are not considered hazardous waste.
    • The wax based marking compound can be easily removed from fabric by washing with laundry detergent in a washing machine; hard surfaces can be simply wiped clean.

UTM's Two Primer Cartridge System is the first to isolate the large amount of operational energy needed to cycle the weapon from the small amount of energy required for propelling the UTM Man-Marker projectile. The isolated primers allow for total control of the cartridge energies providing consistent velocities necessary for improved accuracy and controlled impact.

  • A patented system does not require any propellant other than the two primers.
  • Controlled velocity allowing for a Safe Separation Distance of 1 meter.
  • An innovative design that utilizes driving bands to alleviate barrel fouling.Read More
  • Improved accuracy: 1 inch group at 10 yards, dependant on caliber and weapon variant.
  • Rounds that mark the target through the use of the projectiles inertia. The open plastic cruciform dome does not have to burst to mark, not having to burst the dome requires less energy to mark. Read More
    • The projectile marks on soft surfaces and even on glancing blows allowing for the hits to be effectively recorded, “Hits Count”.

UTM MMR Training requires minimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), eliminating the need for expensive, restrictive and bulky protective safety gear. Training with UTM Man-Marker Rounds requires only approved safety goggles, protective face mask, protective gloves, and two layers of clothing.

Always read the UTM “Recommended Guidelines For Use” before engaging in Force-on-Force Training

For a complete list of UTM Ammunition Technical Data Sheets & Recommended Guidelines
for use follow the link below.

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