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UTM's Revolutionary New Shooting Technology now Available

UTM has announced the new UTM Target Shooting Round and Kit are now available to the public on their website http://www.utmworldwide.com.

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UTM Reality Based Training (RBT) Reveals New Technology Set to Revolutionize Shooting Industry

Previously only available to Military, Law Enforcement and Professional Training Organizations, UTM announces the release of the UTM Target Shooting Round Target Shooting Kit.

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UTM attends National Tactical Officers Association's Tactical Operations Conference and Trade Show

UTM attends NTOA to demonstrate the most advanced training system in existence.

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UTM and Phoenix RBT Solutions Form a Strategic Alliance.

The newly created alliance, UTM, will offer the most innovative, technologically-advanced and comprehensive training system in existence.

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UTM attends NGAUS to display most advanced training system.

UTM will be demonstrating the most innovative, technologically advanced and comprehensive training system on the market at the NGAUS.

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UTM Announces New 7.62mm Non-Lethal Training Ammunition Product Line.

UTM announces new 7.62mm Non-Lethal Training Ammunition, to include the only 7.62mm Man Marker Round in existence!

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UTM Introduces an All New Fully Integrated Face Mask.

UTM introduces new technology and developments on an all new fully integrated Face Mask and the only Full-Face Anti-Fogging Helmet!

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