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PURPOSE: • For use with your existing firearm conversion • For force-on-force, close quarter battles (CQB) and 360 degree shooting FEATURES: • No plastic shavings or bore build up • Driving band technology for improved accuracy • Inertia ball expels wax-based marking compound even on glancing hits • Flawless reliability • Projectiles are resistant to breakage when inserted in a magazine UTX ® MARKING ROUND Marking Round for Existing Firearm Conversions UTX ® MARKING ROUND TRAINING AMMUNITION UTX ® MARKING ROUND US: sales @ UTMusa.com Int’l: sales@UTMworldwide.com d NON-TOX 9mm UTX ® Marking Round S Velocity: 370fps (113m/sec) S Noise Level: 121dB S Accuracy: 3.0” at 8.2yds (75mm at 7.5m) S Standoff Distance: 12” (0.3m) S Avg Muzzle Energy: 2.4ft/lbs (3.3 Joules) RED BLUE GREEN YELLOW 01-3101 01-3102 01-3103 01-3104 RELATED PRODUCT 9MM UTX ® BBR page 8