UTM® Product Catalog

S 30 Round Capacity (5.56 cal) S Provides visual cue that the rifle is in training mode S Industrial strength plastic AR15/M16/M4 BLUE MAGAzINE 02-2815 M249 SAW DRUM S 200 Round Capacity S Detachable Lid S Solid Polymer Construction 14-0786 MP5 TRAINING MAGAZINE S 30 Round Capacity (9mm) S Made in Germany S UTM Laser Engraved 14-5267 P90 TRAINING MAGAZINE S 50 Round Capacity (5.7x28mm) S Semi-transparent S OEM Spec 01-2489 MAGAZINES Improved Feeding and Safety AR15 / M16 / M4 MAGAZINES US: sales @ UTMusa.com Int’l: sales@UTMworldwide.com 1$ MAGAZINES FIREARM ACCESSORIES SCAR BLUE MAGAzINE 02-2825 AR15/M16/M4 RED MAGAzINE 02-2820 Intended for use with MMR and blank rounds Intended for use with TBR rounds