UTM® Product Catalog

• RIFLE CONVERSIONS UTM pistol conversions won’t allow a live round to fully seat into the barrel, leaving the pistol out of battery and impossible to fire. Off set firing pin in UTM rifle conversions discharge only rim-fire rounds; a live, center- fire round will not fire. UTM AR15/M4 magazines are shorter than conventional magazines. Blue has become the industry standard for easily identifying a training firearm. A live 5.56mm round that was struck by a UTM rim-fire/off set firing pin, missing the center-fire primer The ULT IMATE i n SAFETY . . . PISTOL CONVERSIONS F IREARM CONVERSIONS For video tutorials on how to install a conversion, visit UTM’s website: OVER 150 FIREARM CONVERSIONS AVAILABLE FIREARM CONVERSIONS PISTOLS, RIFLES, MACHINE GUNS 1% UTMworldwide.com S Convert YOUR firearm within seconds S Live round lock-out or off set firing pin as a safety feature S Available for the widest breadth of firearms S Tested and proven to be safe and reliable S Operates under direct blowback S Compatible with existing accessories such as lights, lasers and optics When an AR15/M4 UTM conversion is installed, the dust cover will not close. This is a visual confirmation that the firearm is safe. RIFLES: AR15 / M16 / M4, AK-47, H & K, SCAR, and many more SEMI-AUTO PISTOLS REVOLVERS PUMP SHOTGUNS BULL-PUPS and CARBINES SUBMACHINE GUNS BELT FED MACHINE GUNS