UTM® Product Catalog

TABLE OF CONTENTS Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) was founded with a mission to produce the most technologically advanced, non-lethal training ammunition in existence. By safely converting service or duty firearms and using precision engineered training ammunition, UTM products allow military and law enforcement professionals to 'train as they fight’ for the most realistic, force-on-force training possible. Though the original zinc cased rounds were a success, UTM later pioneered a new and improved aluminum cased round. This innovative design completely revolutionized the industry with its unprecedented consistency and reliability. The breakthrough engineering and quality of UTM quickly gained recognition after it was tested by the United States Military and achieved a 99.8% reliability rating. The result of this accomplishment was UTM being awarded a major US Department of Defense contract for their Close Combat Mission Capability Kit (CCMCK) program supplying 5.56mm loose and linked marking ammunition to the United States Military. Since then, UTM has continued to set new quality and performance standards for non- lethal training ammunition (NLTA) and firearm conversions. UTM products, including force- on-force personal protective equipment (PPE), have been utilized globally by militaries, law enforcement and professional training organizations. Additionally, UTM has begun offering its cutting edge products to responsibly armed citizens seeking a safe and realistic alternative to live fire training. Ultimate Training Munitions manufactures an array of training ammunition and over 150 firearm conversions in Suffolk, United Kingdom. With over a 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space and its fulfillment warehouse in Brownsville, Texas, UTM is poised for unlimited growth in production and technology! UTM assumes no responsibility for injuries, loss or damage resulting from misuse of any of its products. When converting back to live-fire ammunition, ensure that the chamber and bore have been cleaned, cleared of all debris, objects or projectiles and inspected before firing a live round. Failure to ensure the barrel is free from obstruction could result in damage to the barrel and/or injury to the operator. WARNING KEEP AMMUNITION OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Appropriate hearing and eye protection (safety glasses or goggles) is mandatory TRAINING AMMUNITION Man Marking Round (MMR) page 3-6 Battlefield Blank Round (BBR) page 7-8 Silent Blank Round (SBR) page 9-10 Non-Marking Round (NMR) page 11 UTX® Marking Round page 12 Target Bullet Round (TBR) page 13 MAGAZINES page 14 FIREARM CONVERSIONS About / Safety Features page 15 Firearm Conversions page 16-20 SHOOTING ENTHUSIASTS page 21-22 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT page 23-26 PORTABLE TRAINING FACILITY page 27-28 INDEX page 29 CATALOG CODE: UTM-1807B-US