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TRAINING AMMUNITION MAN MARKING ROUND (MMR) MAN MARKING ROUND (MMR) Non-Lethal Ammunition for Realistic, Force-on-Force Training e UTMworldwide.com MAN MARKING ROUND (MMR) PURPOSE: • For force-on-force, close quarter battles (CQB) and 360 degree shooting • Adds stress and realism to training • Provides physical stimulus and visual indication upon “hits” • Training “As real as it gets” without using live ammunition FEATURES: • Wax based color compound marks on glancing hits • Assortment of marking colors available • No plastic shavings or bore build up • Driving band technology for improved accuracy • Projectiles are resistant to breakage when inserted in a magazine S The United States Military rated UTM 5.56mm Man Marking Rounds (MMR), both loose and linked, as 99.8% reliable!