AR-15 Basic Shooting Kit


  • AR-15/M4 firearm conversion (.223/5.56 caliber)
  • 10 round magazine
  • 30 rounds UTM Target Ammunition
  • UTM projectile puller
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Whether you are an off duty police officer, hunter, competition shooter, gun safety instructor or simply someone who enjoys the shooting sports, the UTM Target Shooting Round Target shooting Kit will revolutionize and enhance how you practice and target shooting industry.   Now you have the freedom to target shoot virtually anywhere you want, when you want, practice and improve your skills and proficiency on your terms, and not use a single round of your live ammunition stock.

The UTM Target Shooting Round is the safest, most reliable and accurate alternative to live ammunition –  ideal for beginners, recreational and competition shooters without the need to go to the range.

Allows you to:

  • Easily convert your AR-15 style weapon to fire UTM Target Shooting Round in seconds
  • Simple Bolt Carrier Group exchange – No Gunsmithing
  • The converted weapon will not fire standard .223/5.56mm – mitigating accident, injury and potentially catastrophic incidents
  • Safely shoot virtually anywhere – no range needed
  • Freedom from live fire restrictions
  • Virtually NO weapon fouling, Non-Toxic, Lead Free, Environmentally Friendly!
  • Normal weapon function, recoil and realistic & consistent cyclic rates
  • Intended for all responsible gun owners, Novice to Professionals
  • Train those new to firearms in weapon safety and basics
  • Replaces dry fire and enhances live fire practice for professional & recreational shooters
  • Improve your skills & proficiency safely with your own weapon: accuracy, trigger & breath control, sight alignment, clearing malfunctions, magazine reloads and more”¦

With lower velocities and projectile weight, the UTM Target Shooting Round is designed for complete safety and reliability, bringing target practice with your weapon to a whole new level – without the need for a range and free from live fire restrictions. The UTM Target Shooting Round utilizes the same core technology the U.S. Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies have been using in their operational weapons during training for nearly a decade.

  • Plastic projectile weighs less than 1 gram
  • Average velocity of 375 fps at the muzzle
  • Outstanding Short Range Accuracy, .223/5.56mm ammunition = 1.18″ group at 32 yards
  • Noise level at 113db – hearing protection recommended
  • No Gunpowder – primer actuated systems
  • UNIQUE patented, proprietary and exclusive dual primer system and projectile driving band system.
  • The UTM Target Shooting Round Conversion WILL NOT fire standard .223/5.56mm live rounds because of its offset firing pin design
  • Cartridge technology has over a 99% reliability as certified by the U.S. Army’s Picatinny Arsenal

Benefits to Law Enforcement and Military:

  • Allows for off-duty training to increase proficiency with your duty weapon without the need for a live fire range.
  • Training for off-duty concealed carry in the privacy and convenience of your own property.
  • SWAT and SRT CQB training utilizing duty weapons without damaging shoot house or marking walls.
  • Helps officers to overcome many linear range restrictions allowing more realistic 360 degree training, moving and shooting, and team tactics in just about any environment.


Average Muzzle Energy: Avg 2.8 Joules/2.1ft/lbs

Average Muzzle Velocity: Avg 122m/sec (375fps)

Accuracy: 30mm (1.18in) at 30m/32yds (mean radius)

Maximum Effective Range for Training: Approximately 50m/55yds

Surface Danger Zone (SDZ): 175m (200yds) minimum safe distance

Optimum Effective Range for Training: Approx. 30m/32yds & closer


The ‘Core Kit’ UTM Target Shooting Kit comes with:


UTM Bolt Carrier Group Conversions are designed for utmost safety, in-service reliability and maintainability. The UTM AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Conversion is expertly engineered with Fail-Safe measures to prevent the discharge of a standard “˜”live””™ round. UTM Conversions are easy to install, just a simple exchange of the manufacturer’s Bolt/Carrier Assembly. See product manual for details.

*Please note that the CTA Bolt Carrier Group Conversion is a semi-automatic conversion only. Fully automatic conversions are only available to Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, PTO’s and PSC’s.


1 Black Plastic Magazine (5 Round) is included. Live round magazines can be used with UTM Target Ammunition.

Firearm Conversion Manual AR-15 Style Rifle

Detailed UTM CTA Firearm Conversion Manual with full color illustrations included in kit.



*Please note this product does not ship to Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Washington D.C., or to any APO, FPO or PO Boxes.

For more detailed information please click here to see our Technical Data and Usage Sheet on this product.

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