We’re in the fight against COVID-19

Scaling the manufacturing of face shields to help.


We recognize the opportunity our team at UTM has to leverage manufacturing and supply chain innovation toward the fight against this global pandemic.

We modified our existing product to create a face shield that allows for the universal use to help reduce infection.

This face shield results in secondary protection for all applications.

Bulk Purchases require orders of two pallets or greater (96 units or greater),  

Quantity per Pallet: 48 units

Weight per full Pallet: 130 lbs

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Is your organization in need?

We have the capacity to manufacture face shields in high volume and are actively fulfilling orders for organizations in need.

If your organization has been impacted by the face shield shortage and is seeking additional supply, please fill out the form below and well be in touch with you shortly.


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Key benefits of the Protective Face Shield


Fast delivery time

We have capacity to quickly produce face shields and fulfill orders in a few days


Comfortable for all day use

Ratchet adjustment for comfort fit, lightweight, ergonomic design and lift for easy communication permits to all day convenient use.


Ease of cleaning and reduced transmission rate

Each individual is assigned a face shield so they can use and clean on their own. This reduces the transmission opportunity.