Gauntlet Gloves

  • Additional protective material sewn on fingertips area underneath the protective pad to further maximize protection for fingernails.
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The UTM Gauntlet Gloves was designed and developed in conjunction with military and law enforcement customers to be worn while using the UTM Man Marker Round (MMR) during Force”on”Force training.

  • Velcro Wrist Adjustment
  • Flexible Polymer Armor
  • Unrestricted Trigger Finger
  • Synthetic Palm with reinforced padding providing excellent grip and feel
  • Flexible Polymer Armor will not inhibit the natural movement of the hands, keeping hands unrestricted while protected from Non-Lethal Training Ammunition
  • Trigger Finger is left unrestricted for precise trigger control to deliver an accurate shot
  • Washable and breathable

Usage Guidelines:

  • Intended only for supervised training conducted in accordance with UTM safety training protocols by law enforcement, military or professional training and security organizations.
  • Verify that all PPE is correctly fired, ensuring there are no exposed areas of the skin.
  • UTM assumes no responsibility for injuries, loss or damage resulting from misuse of this or any of its products.


  • Never remove gloves during training or in or near a training area.
  • Do Not use bleach, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Tumble Dry and Do Not Iron the UTM Gauntlet Gloves.