•  Fires from same rifle conversion as MMR, RVR and SBR
  • Loud report for realism and stress inoculation but with minimal heat generated
  • 18 inch stand-off makes BBR ideal for safe close quarter  training using role players
  • UTM blanks do not require a Blank Fire Adapter (BFA) in order to function
The UTM BBR and LBBR (Loud Battlefield Blank Round) have the same live round lock-out as all of other UTM rounds offering the same level of safety.  This, along with the minimal heat generated and 18 Inch standoff provided by our blank rounds, sets UTM apart from other blank rounds on the market.  These safety features help to avoid cause serious damage to structures or people, allowing for closer quarter distances when using role players in drills and scenarios.

The unmatched reliability of UTM is evident with in the BBR/LBBR rifle conversions (M4/M16/AR-15) in that our blanks do not require a Blank Fire Adapter (BFA) in order to function, reducing malfunction and cleaning time.

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New Protective Face Shield

UTM has responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic by modifying one of our existing and field tested design as an urgent response for a secondary PPE for use in conjunction with N95 Face Masks, Surgical Masks as well as other fabricated face masks.

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