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Ultimate Training Munitions is the world leader in providing law enforcement communities with the most realistic and non-lethal force-on-force, short range training system. Police officers around the world have placed their trust in UTM to deliver realistic training. Professionals whose lives depend on the best training possible know that they can always count on the safest, most accurate and most reliable non-lethal training ammunition available.
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You’ll find the answers to what you want to know here.


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Find information on our partners and associates here.


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A few interesting things that make us who we are.


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What we are doing in our community.
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Never Compromise.                          Always Challenge

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Click below to order your BRAND NEW UTM Target Shooting Kit and Ammunition! Available in Contiguous U.S. Only.
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Environmentally Friendly | EPA Certified Landfill Safe Low Emission and Non-Toxic

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UTM along with its training division Phoenix RBT Solutions, currently the largest provider to the CCMCK program, is one example of a company that is making great strides to help prepare troops with reality-based training without real world consequences.
It is my firm belief that the more sweat we expend in training, the less blood will be shed in war. Utilizing t NLTA systems provides a return on our investment and increases the chances our troops return from combat alive and well.
The implementation of your products (UTMs/Safety Gear) have lifted our training to a whole new level. Based on the material and lessons learned in the “CQB and Tactics Instructor Course” taught by Phoenix RBT Solutions, we were able to reduce classroom lessons by 36 hours and add that time in for better hands on training. Your companies’ training and insight enabled us to champion a complete re-write of our curriculum and after testing it and reading student critiques we can with confidence say, “It was a tremendous success”. We are proud to say that with your guidance we have created a program that according to Lt Col Melchizedek Martinez (USAF Security Studies - Defense Decision-Making and Planning Department of National Security Affairs Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA): “..should be the benchmark combat school in the Air Force, to which all other training should be modeled.
Reality Based Training is simply the purest, and most life like, form of training where an instructor can focus on conveying not only the actual skillset being taught, but he/she is also able to provide combat stress inoculation while under fire and experiencing firsthand the effects of how corrosive combat can be. The combination of Ultimate Training Munitions paired with this training model is vital to properly deliver Battlefield Airmen Skills so critical to our nation’s defense and security.
Implementing not only Phoenix Tactics, but also the model of instruction using “Reality Based Training(RBT)” methods has allowed us to train in a complex, three dimensional, 360 degree operating environment with absolutely zero safety infractions or accidents (300 Students Trained). Pieces of the Basic tactic, Active Shooter (Tactics), Team tactics, Tactical Rifle, Cover Management, Close Quarters Battle, and Advanced Tactics course have all been interwoven into our training. Each of theses skillsets and the matter in which they are taught, using RBT, play a massive role in how students are prepared for combat. The points of instruction where the knowledge we now possess has had to most impact are: Weapons Handling, Team Tactics, CQB, Convoy Ops, Air Base Defense, Self-Aid and Buddy Care, Combat Stress, Entry Control Point, Counter Improvised Explosive Device Training, and last but definitely not least Leadership on the battlefield and Troop Leading. The foundation you have provided us with does not only make the 5th Combat readiness School a better place to learn but it has made us, the Cadre, more competent instructors, airmen, and leaders.
Your Instructors’ level of expertise and material knowledge is not only pertinent but is legitimized by experience and first hand encounters on the battlefield. Having been part of five Phoenix “Instructor” Training courses we can honestly say that, with help of non-lethal training munitions, our training has become a benchmark. Many of my students, numerous of them of high ranking, have testified to the fact that this is the best training in their careers.
We wanted to take some time to give thanks to you and your team. Over the past 18 months we have elevated our Combat Readiness training to a never before seen height. Based on your multifaceted training model we have revamped our entire course. The superb instruction you and your trainers have provided us is not quantifiable. It has enabled us to implement skill building training tasks and cap stone level scenarios impossible to do with live fire, miles gear, stress vest, etc.
I have been involved in the criminal justice system in a professional capacity for the past four decades and have been a martial artist for close to fifty years. In that time I have had the privilege of making the acquaintance of many gifted trainers. As part of that group, I have known Mssrs. Lambraia and Didier for
over ten years since first making their acquaintance at the Dept. of Homelands Security’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Since that time I have been greatly impressed by both their degree of professionalism and deep concern for officer safety. It is without reservation that I endorse them as law enforcement trainers as they are both fully committed to ensuring that what they teach gets officers home safely at the end of their shifts.
Phoenix RBT Solutions, LLC (now UTM Reality Based Training) offers professional, no nonsense tactical instruction to law enforcement, military and civilians. Their instructors bring expertise - not egos - to the training environment. Offering cutting-edge tools for tactical instructors to place in their tool kits, Phoenix personnel understand that teaching stress inoculation methodologies will greatly enhance the chances of operators not only surviving, but winning, deadly force encounters in an effective and lawful manner.


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