Training Ammunition for Your Firearm That Makes Your Experience…As real as it gets



Training Ammunition for Your Firearm That Makes Your Experience…As real as it gets


  • Reliability and Accuracy unmatched by any other Non-Lethal training ammunition  
  • Full line of marking rounds and blanks for pistol, rifle, sub-guns and machine guns
  • Multiple calibers with application for Firearms Training, CQB, Scenario Training, Defensive Tactics and Personal Protection 
  • Convert your firearm in seconds 
  • All firearm conversions have live round lock-out as a safety feature 
  • Available for widest selection of firearms
  • Tested and proven to be safe and reliable
  • The “Ultimate” in force-on-force personal protective gear 
  • Lightweight, breathable and durable
  • Unmatched protection while allowing full mobility 
  • Full face shield, non-fogging helmet 
  • Portable and versatile shoot-house for force-on-force training
  • Easy to set up and reconfigure during training
  • Great for CQB and Mission Rehearsal
  • Set up a UTM shooting range virtually anywhere!
  • End user and instructor certifications available
  • Training staff with decades of combined Military, LE and Training Experience
  • Learn how to incorporate UTM into your existing programs and create new training
  • Product Videos - learn more about UTM products
  • Training Videos - get training tips and ideas from the UTM experts
  • Instructional Videos - check out specific conversions and support on care, installation and more
UTM, currently the largest provider to the CCMCK program, is one example of a company that is making great strides to help prepare troops with reality-based training without real world consequences.

It is my firm belief that the more sweat we expend in training, the less blood will be shed in war. Utilizing the NLTA systems provides a return on our investment and increases the chances our troops return from combat alive and well.

~ Sergeant Major of the Army, retired

The implementation of your products (UTMs/Safety Gear) have lifted our training to a whole new level. Based on the material and lessons learned in the “CQB and Tactics Instructor Course” taught by Phoenix RBT Solutions, we were able to reduce classroom lessons by 36 hours and add that time in for better hands on training. Your companies’ training and insight enabled us to champion a complete re-write of our curriculum and after testing it and reading student critiques we can with confidence say, “It was a tremendous success”. We are proud to say that with your guidance we have created a program that according to Lt Col Melchizedek Martinez (USAF Security Studies – Defense Decision-Making and Planning Department of National Security Affairs Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, CA): “..should be the benchmark combat school in the Air Force, to which all other training should be modeled.

~ 5th Combat Readiness School, United States Air Force

Reality Based Training is simply the purest, and most life like, form of training where an instructor can focus on conveying not only the actual skillset being taught, but he/she is also able to provide combat stress inoculation while under fire and experiencing firsthand the effects of how corrosive combat can be. The combination of Ultimate Training Munitions paired with this training model is vital to properly deliver Battlefield Airmen Skills so critical to our nation’s defense and security.

~ Assistant NCOIC, 5th Combat Readiness School, United States Air Force


To be the best, you have to train with the best. Ultimate Training Munitions manufacturers a complete system of innovative and widely applicable training products for military, law enforcement and security personnel, enabling better preparation to accomplish their mission.

All UTM firearm conversions cycle semi-automatic and automatic weapons at a normal rate of fire with live fire realism. Our munitions’ patented dual primer technology maximizes reliability and accuracy with every fired round.

  • More training munitions varieties than any other competitor, from blanks to target shooting rounds
  • UTM training courses are tailored to the unique needs of both enthusiasts and professionals
  • Innovative products are robust and durable, using high-quality materials and simple designs
  • Access a full selection of personal protective and force-on-force training equipment


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