• Provides normal weapon function but with no muzzle emissions
  • Zero inch stand-off makes SBR ideal for replacing “red-gun” for defensive tactics/Weapon Retention
  • Even contact shots are safe!
  • Can be used to replace “snap-caps” for  all dry-fire training drills

The UTM SBR can be utilized by armed professionals or those who teach armed professionals.  The primary value for utilizing SBR is in allowing you to use a fully functional, yet completely inert, safe weapon to add realism to drill and training scenarios. 

SBR can also replace dry fire for Law Enforcement when performing a room clearing, door entry or other dry drills while allowing for reloads, malfunction clearing, etc.  

UTM’s silent blanks are also a great tool for new shooter; allowing them to become familiar with weapon function, loading, cycling, recoil, trigger control, etc. without the need for a live range and without the potential stress of the loud live fire “bang”.

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