Introducing the New 9mm UTX Marker Round


Our new 9mm UTX Marker Round allows you to enjoy the unprecedented accuracy and reliability of UTM’s Non-Lethal Training Ammunition technology, without the need to buy a new conversion.


Our patented driving bands and dual primer system ensure:

  • The most affordable and accurate Marking Round available today
  • Malfunction-free training – even after hundreds of rounds
  • No plastic shavings or inaccuracies caused through smooth bore effect
  • Controlled and consistent velocity
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your Force-on-Force, Force-on-Target, and tactical training


The UTX Marker Round fires from your existing 9mm conversions, without the need for alterations or gunsmithing – maximizing convenience and minimizing cost.

UTM’s patented inertia technology (as opposed to bursting) allows glancing shots to mark, providing more consistent and reliable hit identification during Force-on-Force exercises.

UTM continues to offer fully immersive, innovative and progressive training solutions to military, law enforcement, private sector security personnel, and professional training organization across the globe.  The UTM System allows you to spend more time training without restrictions or limitations – revolutionizing and redefining training as you know it.

UTM has more conversions and Non-Lethal Training Ammunition options than anyone else, with the highest rated overall system in reliability, accuracy and affordability.

Be sure to check out all UTM products and training courses.  We can answer all of your training questions to ensure that you exceed your goals.


Average Muzzle Velocity: 370 fps (113m/sec)

Stand-off Distance: 12 inches No Contact Shots

Average Muzzle Energy: 2.4 ft/lbs (3.3 joules)

Non-Toxic Primer

Shelf Life: 6 Years