An essential skill to successfully mitigate an active threat is weapons proficiency under stress. Many people can shoot stationary paper targets on a static range, however there are more relevant firearms skills and tactics that must be the focus of training when preparing for an active threat event. There must be an appropriate mix of fundamentals and tactical shooting with judgment and stress. Live fire training is essential as is more reality based tactics drills and scenarios. Force-on-Force training with NLTA provides realism by allowing responders to make the psychological and physical transition from engaging inanimate static targets to interactive human role players during training exercises in a safe environment.

  • Safety (fundamental rules of firearms safety)
  • Weapons operation and basic shooting skill
  • Load, unload, reload
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Judgment shooting “shoot/no shoot drills ”
  • Shooting under stress
  • Shooting while moving
  • Positions (standing, kneeling, prone)
  • “Down/disabled drill”
  • Low light skills
  • Multiple threat/targets
  • Transitions (if long gun/handgun)
  • Combined skills (example, reloads while moving to cover)
  • Special consideration (examples-weapon, ammo, holsters, and light selections).
  • Drawing weapon from secure storage or concealment under stress.

Train Safe!