Concepts and principles of tactics are another critical component of success when responding to an active threat.  The responder must be trained to safely and effectively “move to threat” while working as a single operator or as part of a team to mitigate the threat.

  • Cover management (cover to cover).
  • Cornering
  • Door entries (1 and 2 person minimum)
  • Room clearing (classrooms, larger area like gymnasium)
  • Hallways ( “L”, “T”, “4 way” intersections, offset /opposing doors as well as long hallways found in many schools)
  • Stairs
  • Elevators/small rooms/balcony
  • Weapon handling/positions
  • 360° security concept
  • Contact/cover concept
  • Buses/vehicles
  • Recovering weapons
  • Tactical transitions
  • Moving past danger areas
  • Tactical movement
  • Ladders/roofs
  • Engaging targets among multiple innocents

Safe Tactics!