Use of Force

This program will provide the student with the knowledge, skills and abilities to understand and reasonably apply all aspects of the Use of Force. The program will consist of lecture and hands-on exercises designed to provide the student will the skills necessary to survive in all related phases of a Use of Force incident. They will learn the street phase- performance and judgment under the stress. They will learn the Court Phase – how to articulate, testify and survive the court room. Finally, they will learn the Agency/Administrative phase – documenting and articulating UOF incidents through understanding related case law and Agency policy.


Course Costs: Call for pricing or let us customize a program for your agency or unit (International scheduling may incur additional costs).

Certifications: Instructor Certifications entitles you to train and certify  training for others in this course. Certification is valid for  two years.

Course Length: 3 Days

Attendance Requirements: Law Enforcement or Military (up to 24 persons maximum)

Attendee Requirements:
All duty carry related equipment
T-shirts, long pants and long shirts
Note-taking material

Facility Requirements: Classroom and Outdoor Area for NLTA/CCMCK training.
Two story building if available to accommodate interior and exterior instruction as well as skill building and scenarios and for any use of non-lethal training ammunition.

Agency Requirements:
NLTA/CCMCK safety equipment
*Also required 250 NLTA/CCMCK rounds per student

Note: UTM Reality Based Training will assist agencies with facility/equipment requirements on request.