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UTM is currently accepting applications for those training companies seeking to become a UTM Certified Professional Training Organization ( PTO)


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Contact UTM today to see if you are eligible to become a UTM Certified Professional Training Organization.

Online Certification

Once approved, an initial $4000 purchase will be placed giving access to the certification course.

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PTOs who have signed the agreement with UTM and have passed the Online Certification can purchase from full UTM catalog online.


  • Confirmation that the primary business your company ( Business/LLC) conducts is training for Military, Law Enforcement or Responsibly Armed Citizens 
  • Company must be US based 
  • $4000 Minimum Initial purchase of UTM products ( No exceptions) 
  • Successful completion of UTM Online Certification
  • Sign and Submit UTM PTO agreement
  • Agree that UTM products purchased in this program are for use in Training courses only and cannot be resold.
  • Note: UTM Reserves the right to accept , refuse or remove any PTO from the program at anytime. A certified PTO can also request to be removed from the program at anytime.


Professional Training Organizations (PTOs) are often at the tip of the spear when it comes to training our Military and Law Enforcement warriors, as well as armed citizens.

Often PTOs do not have access to the funding, grants or facilities that the Military or large Local or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies may be fortunate enough to have. There are always exceptions, but the UTM Reality Based Training system has been designed with limited facilities in mind, enabling mobile training, which is easily exported to clients and has been time tested and proven by many Military and Law Enforcement entities – an invaluable asset to your mission capability.

The UTM System has been utilized by high-level operators and trainers around the world and consists of a full contingent of programs, methodologies, ammunition, conversions, protective equipment and a Portable Training Facility. As trainers, we have all had to, “make do” and “be creative” within the constraints of the resources and technology available but with the UTM Reality Based Training System, limitations have been replaced with accuracy, safety, reliability and realism, limiting your training possibilities to only your imagination. It also has the added bonus of being fully U.S. EPA certified landfill safe, low emission and available in non-toxic options – meaning that it far exceeds EPA or Health Department regulations.

As trainers, continual learning is as much a part of teaching, as is experience and the UTM Reality Based Training methodology can provide you with a template to make your existing programs better, test your protocols or develop new training by maximizing skills development and proficiency without changing your tactics or techniques. Just because training is conducted “the way we have always done it” doesn’t make it right or wrong and we certainly never say “Our way is the only right way” but rather a sharing of information among professionals with the common goal of getting the best information possible to our Military, Law Enforcement and civilian communities. Keeping in mind that the world was thought to be flat for sometime, until those who dared to challenge popular thinking were given the gift of knowledge.

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