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Over 150 Law Enforcement officers are killed or wounded in the line of duty each year in the United States and that number more than doubles worldwide. Even seemingly routine contacts, arrests or domestic disturbances can turn harmful or deadly in an instant. Law Enforcement duties demand that officers are in a constant state of preparedness for a high risk/high threat incident that may or may not happen during the lifespan of their career – making it imperative for training to be easily adaptable throughout the training cycle and applicable to any skill level – especially follow-on training for seasoned officers. Officers must develop the skills and mindset required to quickly identify and handle critical situations in high-risk environments. Disciplines should then complement, not contradict each other, especially as ‘real’ incidents do not happen in a controlled environment or training ground – meaning that preparation should combine training disciplines and mimic the circumstances, distractions and stressors that occur in ‘real’ situations.

Criminals today are more violent and well-trained than ever with an education derived from the streets, prison and knowledge of police defensive tactics and firearms training – giving them the advantage not only through predicted responses but without the constraints of ‘regulations’ to govern their actions or reactions. To combat these disadvantages, Law Enforcement training should include training that is designed for both experienced and inexperienced officers and apply what is practical and useful in the streets into the mat room environment. More importantly, it needs to provide a fresh, more realistic look at what works when it needs to work and allow officers the chance to make mistakes and work through the problems – so they can be ready to act and apply their new practical knowledge to whatever situation they may find themselves – not just what has been unrealistically rehearsed or expected of them by adversaries.

The answer to these training problems and obstacles lies within the UTM Reality Based Training System, which is not just firearms training but a comprehensive training system designed to bridge the gap between what happens in a semi-sterile training environment to what happens on the street – complete with stress inoculation, adrenaline and full immersion. This revolutionary reality-based approach finally allows complete integration and continuity between disciplines such as tactics, firearms qualifications and combatives. It also has the added bonus of being fully U.S. EPA certified landfill safe, low emission and available in non-toxic options – meaning that it far exceeds EPA or Health Department regulations.

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