CCMCK – Close Combat Mission Capability Kit

National Stock Numbers (NSN)


5.56mm MMR (loose)

  • Blue 1305-01-536-5822
  • Red 1305-01-536-5827
  • Yellow 1305-01-536-5829

5.56 mm MMR (Linked)

  • Blue 1305-01-537-1521
  • Red 1305-01-537-1522
  • Yellow 1305-01-536-9289

M4/M16 – 1005-99-132-2616

M249 – 1005-99-848-0609

M9 Beretta 92FS – 1005-99-907-6475

M11 Sig 229 – 1005-99-477-1641

Facemask w/o Goggles –  8415-99-359-9160

Facemask with Integrated Goggles –  8415-01-632-4474

Facemask Chin Strap Extender –  8415-01-632-4504

UTM Helmet w/ Face Shield

  • Black 8415-01-632-4484
  • Green 8415-01-632-4480
  • Tan 8415-01-632-4477

CCMCK Combo Kit M16

M4 w/ UTM Facemask w/o Goggles –  6920-01-564-9657

M249 w/ UTM Facemask w/o Goggles – 6920-01-564-9655

M4 Blue Safety Magazine – 6920-01-564-9657

The weapon conversion kit, which includes the UTM Blue Bolt and facemask personal protective equipment (PPE), was awarded full material release in July 2009 and is listed on units’ Standards in Training Commission (STRAC) accounts.

Force-on-force training, once reserved for elite military forces, is now being used by the entire U.S. Army. “Our patented products bring realistic force-on-force training to a new level, enabling soldiers and law enforcement officers to train with accurate non-lethal ammunition, and receive positive feedback for after action reviews,” said Mark Meadows, director of sales and training for UTM and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. “Our products allow a thinking, moving, opposing force to return fire, dramatically changing the training landscape to reflect a more realistic experience.”

How it Works
The UTM Blue Bolt weapon conversion adapts standard service weapons, including M16/M4 rifles and M249 machine guns, for use in various real-world training scenarios. By simply removing the live bolt and inserting the UTM Blue Bolt users can convert from lethal live fire to non-lethal force-on-force training in approximately 30 seconds. Unlike other products on the market, the UTM Blue Bolt offers an important fail-safe safety feature — the 3mm offset firing pin. When the weapon is converted with the UTM Blue Bolt, the safety feature prevents denotation of live ammunition, M200 blanks or any other center-fired primer ammunition.

The UTM Blue Bolt works with a man marker round (MMR) that is made of aluminum casings and non-toxic marking wax. The MMR is not harmful to the environment and results in less mess. The wax can be easily removed by washing clothing in normal laundry operations. The MMR achieves an average muzzle velocity of 375 feet per second from a standard service weapon. The new innovative ammunition, Part Number M1042 for 5.56 MMR Loose (DODIC AB09, AB10, AB11) and Part No. M1071 for 5.56 MMR Linked (DODIC AB15, AB16, AB17), maintains a shot group of four inches or less at 30 meters. With this system the low energy projectile hits the ground at 70 meters so soldiers and law enforcement officers can conduct relevant training scenarios anytime, anywhere. The U.S. Army has adopted a 75m surface danger zone (SDZ) for training when using the UTM MMR ammunition. This allows units to train in any location using a temporary 75m SDZ.

The conversions are marked with a blue stamp recessed panel making them easily identifiable by both instructor and trainee. The blue recessed panel signifies that the soldiers have a training conversion in their weapon. Once converted the dust cover on the M4/ M16 will not close, further enhancing the safety of the product.

“Our innovative technology allows military and law-enforcement organizations to train in a new paradigm,” added Meadows. “No longer can the excuse be made that soldiers missed the target or shot the canary because of inaccurate ammunition.”

The UTM product has full Army safety approval with a five-meter safe separation distance. Force-on-force engagements with UTM technology helps to accelerate the training time line. UTM MMR is accurate, reliable, and safe.

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