The system specifically enhances military training for Warrior Tasks and Drills or combat skills training by providing essential guidance for trainers, across the full spectrum of operations (offense, defense, stability, and support), in any environment. This allows for complete integration and continuity between individual and collective tasks, resulting in enhanced performance development, refined mastery and the fighting skills needed to execute Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The advanced technology, within the system, allows both individual and collective tasks to be taught and practiced in garrison, local training areas, installation facilities, weapons ranges and more importantly, down range. This is made possible and SAFE because UTM munitions are classified as a “force on force” training ammunition, making them unrestricted and non-range dependent.

The unparalleled technology in the UTM munitions are specifically designed for normal weapon employment functioning, i.e., aiming (with or without mounted optics/ accessories), loading, firing, ejection, immediate action, re-loading and clearing procedures. This extraordinary technology is available in four training types (SBR, BBR, MMR, TBR) allowing soldiers the ultimate flexibility and practical, real world applications into the training cycle – from the fundamentals of marksmanship to tactical applications such as unit TTP within force on target, force-on-force, interactive live-fire scenario tasks, and mission execution rehearsals. It’s also the safest, most accurate and environmentally friendly system on the market – exceeding contract, U.S. EPA and Health Department requirements. With this in-built versatility, in addition to the 99.8% reliability rating of the training munitions, military training applications are now limited only to the imagination of the trainers, NCOs and Commanders.


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