AK47 Training Weapon Fully Auto

  • Dedicated AK-47 enables one to shoot 7.62x.39mm Man Marking, Silent and Battlefield Blank Rounds.
  • Inhibits the discharge of a live round
  • Blue visual indicators on the firearm
  • Accepts standard AK-47 magazines
  • Note: This is a permanent firearm conversion.


We understand how vital it is for units, agencies, organizations and individuals to have a completely safe product and environment to train in. We strive to make our products the safest on the market and we have, yet everyday we look for new ways and technology to continue making our products even safer. The “œLive” weapon is permanently converted to a UTM training weapon , including the unique patented o center ring pin bolt. The safety feature inhibits discharge of a live round if it were to be inadvertently chambered. Conversion of the weapon includes a feature that stops a live bolt from being retted to the weapon. Blue indicators on the weapon provide clear visual confirmation that it is a training weapon. Technical Data: Operation: Selective Fire/Straight Blow Back Locking: Non-Rotating Bolt Feed: Detachable box magazine Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds Sight: mechanical; fore, pillar rear, U-notched calibrated from 100÷1,000m Muzzle Velocity: Average 114m/s (375) fps. Velocity is weapon variant and barrel condition dependent Rate of Fire: cyclic, 600 rds/min Rifling: 4 grooves rf, 1 turn in 240 mm Weapon length: 870 mm Barrel Length: 415 mm Sight Radius: 384mm Weight without Magazine: 3.300 Kg Weight of Empty Magazine: 0.350 Kg


For more detailed information please click here to see our Technical Data and Usage Sheet on this product.