AR15/M16/M4 Red Magazine

  • 30 Round Capacity (5.56 cal)
  • Will not accept a live M855 round
  • Industrial strength plastic


With UTM’s continuous commitment to safety, there is always an ongoing effort to find additional ways to create the safest training environment possible. Working in combination with our suppliers, and at the request of several of our customers, UTM has developed the Red Safety Magazines, which will add an additional level of safety to your present and future UTM Training Programs by providing clear training indicators to instructors, users and bystanderʼs that weapons are in “œtraining mode” for Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) exercises. 30 round M16/M4, H&K 416, SCAR Light Magazines are available in “œSAFETY RED”. UTM Red Safety Magazine Advantages: The M16/M4 Red Mag was specifically designed to prevent the loading of an M855 Round for the US Military. Rated at 99.8% reliable Provides a clear additional agency indicator that your weapon is in “˜safe”™ NLTA “œtraining mode”. Un-surpassed levels of magazine-weapon reliability and performance. One of the most durable magazines on the market. “¨Note: UTM Training Ammunition can be used in standard weapon magazines but UTM strongly recommends the use of the UTM Red Safety Magazine for optimum Safety, Reliability, and Performance.