7.62x39mm SBR

  • Silent Blank Round
  • Velocity: Not Applicable
  • Noise Level: Not Applicable
  • Accuracy: Not Applicable
  • Standoff Distance: 0″ (0m)
  • Avg Muzzle Energy: Not Applicable
  • Non-Tox


The 7.62x39mm Silent Blank Round is invaluable for teaching fundamentals of weapon handling and marksmanship in any environment to include classroom. Adds realism to defensive tactics i.e., gun retention training, contact shots, weapon take-aways, etc. Allow mission rehearsals/flow drills/scenarios in any environment. Allows blending of firearms, combatives/Defensive Tactics and CQB training in a safe environment. Compatible with most virtual-reality interactive laser systems to add weapon recoil and weapon function realism.

For more detailed information please click here to see our Technical Data and Usage Sheet on this product.


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